2017 Hurricane Matthew


The loss of life is at 48, 40000 rescued.

So many still in peril. Below is a list of places to send donations on behalf of Hurricane Matthew for relief. As described some goes towards assisting Sea Service members faced with this hardship and to offset losses.

Check out the places receiving donations.

Thank you for your heartfelt donations of financial or items that have been requested.

Our ability to work together and give generously of ourselves, and assisting others in times of need are the rewards.

Our prayers go out to all victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Our Navy League family is here to support the affected regions and our Sea Services Emergency Response teams and those families. 

We all are giving to all in many ways. Please know how concerned we are for everyone in those endangered areas.The shelters provided are full and everyday things we take for granted are limited in supply. 

Today the TV reporter stated there was a shortage of wheelchairs.

I'm sure dry boots, shoes, socks and clothing,  toiletries, and bedding would be welcomed. 

Thank you to all the private citizens, public sector and governmental agencies that are working around the clock to save lives, improve the conditions,securing personal property and stabilize the environment.

All efforts are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and many prayers to all.

Sonia Foster
Navy League of the United States
Palm Beach Council